Voyo VBook A1 Review [4k]: First N3450 Apollo Lake Laptop?

Посмотрите прямо сейчас в режиме онлайн: Voyo VBook A1 Review [4k]: First N3450 Apollo Lake Laptop?

Исчерпывающее описание видеоролика: This is the New Voyo VBook A1 with the Intel Apollo Lake Celeron N3450 processor! I reviewed the Orange version of the Voyo VBook A1 and to be honest I …

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Zi Reviews Tech

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15 комментариев

  1. avatardeadpool killer:

    ur video is best

  2. avatarBruce Wang:

    Hi! Does it support ordinary earphones with microphone (for smartphones)? I've tried EarPods and Xiaomi headset with my tablet (Onda V891W dual OS) and the sound and mic didn't workout fine. Thank you in advanced!

  3. avatarCarlos Fernández Muñoz:

    Hi! Im a student going on Erasmus next year, so I want to get one of this cheap chinese laptops. Which model would you recommend me between Voyo V3, A1, Chuwi or Jumper EZ3? Thanks so much!

  4. avataraurelio serra:

    hi could you tell me if windows 10 can be installed on ssd 128g or is it only for data storage?

  5. avatarGeorge TJ:

    So N3450 performs better than the N4200 featured in the V3 model. That's probably due to a thermal issue on the V3, as the N4200 clocks higher than the N3450, and probably meets the point of throttling after some time on demanding tasks.

    I would be very interested to know whether N3450 and N4200 are the same chip after all with just different clock speed.

  6. avatarfindyourflow:

    Just a suggestion for these lower powered laptops, liquidsky.tv — if you haven't heard of it, is a gaming pc in the cloud service that lets you download and play any windows games with high to max settings depending on the subscription plan you get.   It will be available in march, can't wait.   Would be perfect to show off with these laptops, that is — if they meet the minimum spec to run the service.

  7. avatarFreak Zoid:

    How does this compare to the Lenovo Yoga book (apart from the keyboard)?

  8. avatarjacks gaming:

    Hi enjoyed the video as always! keep staying active and uploading videos there really fun to watch haha :] i dont remember if youve ever commented on my channel before but I have a channel called "jack thomas" this is just a side account i watch videos on (im the blonde guy that sings lol). if you ever had a minute and could check my main channel out and subscribe if you liked it thatd mean so much. ill turn on your notifications so keep up the great work! Hopefully you can do the same for me :)

  9. avatarjacob john:

    linux support??cherrytrail had a lot of issues with linux

  10. avatarhubbusubbu:

    Did it boot up in chinese or english language?

  11. avatarforallsenses:

    I'm liking that orange!

  12. avatarAMDtech:

    I guess the orange is an acquired taste :)  Another great review Zi!  Keep it up!

  13. avatarJimmy:

    What phone is in your hand? I'm trying to guess…

  14. avatarRicardo Quintana:

    Hello, what is the real weight of the vbook A1? in gearbest and other sites the information is not very accurate

  15. avatarSoe M Paing:

    Looks like a dell inspiron 13.

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