Civiltop Air Review (T-Bao TBook Air) — This Macbook Clone is KILLER!

Смотрите прямо сейчас в режиме онлайн: Civiltop Air Review (T-Bao TBook Air) — This Macbook Clone is KILLER!

Полное описание видеоролика: This is the $400 Civiltop Air Review and it is my favourite Apollo Lake laptop so far. Weirdly, the box says TBao Tbook AIr, which is not Teclast and not Civiltop?

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Дата постинга: 2017-06-03 15:26:27

Полная продолжительность видеоролика: 6:14

Zi Reviews Tech

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19 комментариев

  1. avatarManuel Solimeno:

    This or Ezbook 3 pro? Please i need an answer! :D

  2. avatarYuki:

    Still going strong Zi! Loving the reviews!

  3. avatarOmar Lmao:

    Totally unrelated but you're my favorite tech reviewer and I wish u did review of honor 8 anyway I like this review very informative

  4. avatarShrey Dhimar:

    Sorry.. But where?

  5. avatarShrey Dhimar:

    Who is winner of the giveaway?

  6. avatarAMDtech:

    Looks good, but just wish it had more ports. Nice job!

  7. avatarflipp081:

    Looks good but the poor battery life is a deal breaker. The most important feature of a light portable laptop is all-day battery life.

  8. avatarDixon Lin:

    would you do a review of " Chuwi Surbook 12.3 " ? :3

  9. avatarbornagainpenguin:

    But does it run Linux?

  10. avatar김대윤:

    your Aussie is quit cute!

  11. avatarGarry Gershon Schwartz:

    The price sucks ,should be no more than $250 . Can get a Dell or an HP for easily much less than this!!

  12. avatarSean Smith:

    Great video bro, looks awesome so better than the Cube thinker? Just wow. Please review Surbook from Chuwi, it looks awesome.

  13. avatarTechLineHD:

    looks like a pretty good deal! Awesome video, man!

  14. avatarRedskull:

    looks pretty good

  15. avatarHughesy Tech:

    two things. you say it's the fastest eMMC you've tested, what's the read / write speeds? you do realise it's actually a M2 SSD not eMMC???

    and why would you want to replace your core m3 Cube Thinker with this laptop? don't get it when it's a downgrade in every way

  16. avatarNeo Spiker:

    Same laptop on Gearbest is also called T — bao Tbook Air Laptop and shows as a pre-order for me….wierd

  17. avatarTi Lu:

    Nice laptop but chuwi 12 seems to be better! Nice vid!

  18. avatarngobis:

    a comparison with the chuwi 12.3 would be great

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