Chuwi Lapbook 15.6″ Review — Great Budget Laptop for $240!

Посмотрите прямо сейчас в режиме онлайн: Chuwi Lapbook 15.6″ Review — Great Budget Laptop for $240!

Подробное описание видеоролика: Chuwi Lapbook 15.6″ Review — Great Yet Not Perfect Budget Laptop. Get it here: 13% OFF Coupon for Tablet PC @ with the …

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Время публикации: 2017-02-23 19:13:51

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25 комментариев

  1. avatarRavinder Reddy:

    Can i load windows 7 in this laptop

  2. avatarJohn doe:

    I will consider it as a burner laptop for Kali…

  3. avatarChris Trigg:

    Any chance you can show us the inside? or better yet does it have an free m2 slot? can linux be forced in to it? or is the bios locked in to windowz mode? what does the bios look like?

  4. avatarJames:

    Hey Linus, great review, im looking at buying this laptop as its on special for <$200 USD at the moment. I often use my laptop lying down and i was wondering if its particularly comfortable to rest on your chest? Or if the heat gets particularly bad on the base of the laptop? Thanks a bunch!

  5. avatarLizzy Hale:

    has anyone seen replacement batteries for this??

  6. avatarjayjo esca:

    Can I use Windows XP on a Intel Atom X5-Z8350 4GB/64GB ????

  7. avatarIzam Malik:

    Hey, does Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe Dreamweaver, or MySQL running​ smoothly in this Laptop ?

  8. avatarRsyd artworks:

    it is possible for video editing with premiere and after effect?

  9. avatarYuuki Funako:

    Hey does Adobe works well with this laptop? I use Ai, after effect and photoshop most of the days so I'm wondering if it's going well with this budget latop since my previous one kinda get lagged easily and i had to restart my work all over again.

  10. avatarJuan Acevedo:

    Bought this, and i am very happy with it. However, i have tried to install Remix and Phoenix OS, and both have failed. Has anybody tried this?

  11. avatarfaris winawan:

    can this laptop run adobe ps cc?

  12. avatarYoung Cheong:

    This thing is like the $20 7" tablet I bought a long time ago. Sounds good in theory but really useless.

    Never the less it looks ok for $200 bucks

  13. avatarrsm1234:

    Excellent review. I will definitely buy a few to my office. Never heard of this brand/ product before. Nice job.
    Big screens, if they are not as bad as some HPs, are good. This is very cheap for a big screen computer. I believe it could be excellent for people working in the cloud, as most of us do now.
    Congrats for the review.

  14. avatarErik Murin:

    Nice video and insane intro! Sadly, the laptop itself is a bit disappointing, I'd better buy a tablet with a keyboard.

  15. avatarMahfuz Anam Ullash:

    in the right side,it's a USB 2.0. Not 3.0.

  16. avatarTechDevoted:

    Love the new transitions and text! Good stuff Linus.
    I wonder how hard it would be edit video on this. Would be interesting to see.

  17. avatarZorphax:

    OMG!! I love your channel, and the FX Sety made you are BEAST!! :D

  18. avatarexoRDR 'pro:

    Nice fresh style Linus, I think it fits your channel very well (:
    I will forgive you for your Microsoft ** browser recommendation )':

  19. avatarScott Mannear:

    For the same money, buy a tablet Bluetooth keyboard and a terabyte drive. If you need a big screen hdmi or Miracast to TV or monitor.

  20. avatarRui Coelho:

    i have the 14.1 model that have a better processor and i really enjoy it

  21. avatarDaniel Esimu:

    Thanks for the video Linus.
    I love a brighter screen with better viewing angles hence a second hand at that price will do me good. so I will pass that.

  22. avatarMitchell Hang:

    Han and "Chuwi". xD

  23. avatarSteve Worman:

    Nah sorry there are better laptops out there for that sort of money.

  24. avatardaniel mendelson:

    no.1. I have Dell notebook 2. has better speakers in supports Linux drivers 3. supports expandable storage in the hard drive 4. Lite for wait an easy pret one more backpacks.

  25. avatarMark Aelham:

    China is the Savior of us. If Apple would have made this it would have cost $2000 without the price of dongles lol

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