Best $350 Laptop — Acer Aspire E15 — Intel 7th Gen — 1080p -Unboxing & First Impressions

Посмотрите прямо сейчас онлайн: Best $350 Laptop — Acer Aspire E15 — Intel 7th Gen — 1080p -Unboxing & First Impressions

Полное описание видеоролика: What a deal! Best $350 Laptop for gaming or for school and work use! Affiliate Links below- Buy This Laptop @ Amazon …

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Дата публикации: 2016-12-05 05:05:00

Полная продолжительность видеоролика: 5:52


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49 комментариев

  1. avatarTechRight:

    Video on how to install the 4gb of RAM.

  2. avatarThal Meleao Abanto:

    does this laptop support external gpu?

  3. avatarNg Robin:

    Bro, to make your video less boring. Don't talk so mono…
    And like your transitions between scenes are too quick. And talk lesser, you are unboxing…

  4. avatarThe Slayersaurus:

    Cs go?

  5. avatarRamon Arevalo:

    the RAM in your description is DDR3, The laptop uses DDR4, so don't use the link in the description because I did and now I have to return the memory and shop for another one :p

  6. avatarRubyGaming PlayzMC:

    Music Bro? :D

  7. avatarFisherMan Unite:

    Can it run Player Unknown Battlegrounds?

  8. avatarEthan Fisher-Perez:

    So I've just gotten this computer, and I honestly feel like it's made my desktop, gaming PC 90% useless

  9. avatarThe One And Only Dark Knight:

    Can it run unturned

  10. avatarJohnobo:

    Can it run tf2 and terraria without ram upgrade?

  11. avatarRobert kubrick:

    Definitely go dual channel on the ram, it will help tremendously with the integrated graphics.

  12. avatarBradley Manzo:

    Does anybody know how much fps this laptop gets on medium to high settings with optifine and the 4 gigabytes of ram added.

  13. avatarDarren Koops:

    Can this laptop run BF4 in 720p low/medium settings? With 16 GB ram

  14. avatarFlaming Chair:

    do u have a fisheye lens?

  15. avatarArgelia Rojas:

    hi there since im new to computers will it work if I added 8gb of ram will it run GTA v,GTA iv, or cod bo 2. thanks for the response.

  16. avatarDrozobills:

    do you think this can run bo3??

  17. avatarSquiddle:

    "crucial" to editing hahahahahahaha lmao

  18. avatarSoupbowlSam:

    Can this play sims 4?

  19. avatarAdrian Throckmorton:

    Battery life while streaming FHD from YouTube?

  20. avatarKefertube Ᵽlayƶ:

    ca you play Roblox because I live stream a lot of it

  21. avatarCharlie Angel:

    I liked your review. Just one question: Did you actually buy this laptop or did Acer or any other company payed you or sent you this laptop and/or are you sponsoring this product ? Thanks for your help.

  22. avatarLIL'oconnell50 9:

    Dose this load gta 5

  23. avatarJoe Fulp:

    Can this play Elder Scrolls Online?

  24. avatarSilentSense1:

    tip* to make the performance better charge this lap top all the way then drain it with heavy usage. do this 3 times to for "better" performance.

  25. avatarRMT scientist:

    can it run dota 2? or LOL? high settings?

  26. avatarQue bergas xd:

    intel core i3 2.4Ghz 7th gen

  27. avatarQue bergas xd:

    i bought a acer aspire e15 with intel core i3 2.4Ghz 6GB ram 1TB memory and win 10 can play warface with low grafics?

  28. avatarShebe_dreaming:

    how about upgrading to a ssd?

  29. avatariñigo perez:

    could it ran rainbow six siege?

  30. avatarAaroun Bashir:

    Can it run rainbow six siege

  31. avatarMrCrumbl3d HD:

    can this laptop handle 4k video editing?

  32. avatarVitor Martinez:

    music name pleasee

  33. avatarSebastian Moggio:

    Can it run Leauge of Legends on High? Because I know it is a generaly easy game to run but can this cheap laptop do it?

  34. avataryoung mouss:

    the music is too loud

  35. avatar- - Kállay:

    i want to buy a dell laptop specs:

    i3 7100u
    4gb ram
    120gb ssd
    windows 10 home 64 bit

    is it good,and can i run csgo (60+ fps) at medium settings

  36. avatargarrahan90:

    Do you still plan on testing games on it? Or sharing your experience with different games.

  37. avatarJunior Monrose:

    can it play Black ops 2

  38. avatarCrushing Bass:

    Love this review!! keep it up :)

  39. avatarGabe:

    Well I did a thumbs up to the screen.

  40. avatarDragonicwarfare:

    can i upgrade the ram to 12gb, buy an 8gb of ram with the 4gb that it allready has?

  41. avatarXcell:

    this ram is ddr3 but the laptop has ddr4????

  42. avatarRashid Ansari:

    well how much battery do you get on this laptop?

  43. avatarDemoman 982:

    trololol there are better laptops.

  44. avatarVortec569cc:

    i'm looking to buy this laptop . if i would buy it and upgrade the ram . what would it change on games i play and just on everything ?

  45. avatarJeremy R:

    hmm this would be a secondary PC for me for when im not home. That laptop is going to be mine it looks so much nicer than my cruddy AMD laptop

  46. avatarby dennydeluna:

    You think this is good to edit video in 4K?

  47. avatarArijuss Rimeikaa:

    what games does it launch ?:D

  48. avatarCARLO ECE:

    can i use this for editing videos and illustrator?

  49. avatarGenei Ryodan:

    waiting for the full review

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