Chuwi Lapbook Review [4k]: Cheapest Apollo Lake Laptop yet?

Посмотрите прямо сейчас в режиме онлайн: Chuwi Lapbook Review [4k]: Cheapest Apollo Lake Laptop yet?

Подробное описание видеоролика: I would like to introduce to you the 14.1″ Chuwi Lapbook with the Intel Apollo Lake Celeron N3450! Chuwi did a great job making this Apollo Lake Lapbook and …

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Время публикации: 2017-01-21 15:45:19

Полная продолжительность видеоролика: 5:20

Zi Reviews Tech

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46 комментариев

  1. avataresperCELL:

    can it run overwatch at all?

  2. avatarCZARNYEU:

    Interesting piece of Hardware. Regards from Europe from my channel Guys :-)

  3. avatarMecrom:


  4. avatarDomagoj Kovačić:

    good review. So this laptop would be good for business purposes, e.g. for quickly handling bigger Excel files ?

  5. avatarMatt N:

    I was NOT expecting this video to be so well-written and shot. I appreciate the quality review and this has given some great perspective on this Chinese laptop. You earned a subscription. :)

  6. avatarLuan Piegas:

    15fps on League of Legends rofl

  7. avatarDave Orritt:

    Hey, have added you to my watch list, good review (take no notice of the previous phone in your hand comment mate!) I will make one comment though HOW many times did you say the words 'My VOYO VBOOK A1' a little deliberate and obvious! Great review though thank you :-)

  8. avatarRafa Xiribita:

    hello Zi, you still recomend this laptop perfomance/price?
    It's costing 210€now.
    should i buy it or VOYO VBOOK A1 ?
    best regards

  9. avatarАмели Пас:

    Парень, ну куда ты его включаешь когда на улице снег лежит. Конденсат же образуется и все, он будет сломан.
    Плохой ты специалист

  10. avatarClarkology:

    Will it be fine for graphic design and video editing? Is this processor slower than the conventional i3 processor? Great review! Thanks

  11. avatarslydago:

    Hi, anybody can confirm that in this laptop not working repeating keys when it is long pressed.
    In my chuwi if I long press for example "k" it will be only one letter k, on any other notebooks it is "kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk"

  12. avatarBenny Lam:

    the stool is dirty and ugly, please ……

  13. avatarFeRGan fressness:

    That's strange. Most comments about the trackpad have been negative. Can anyone comment on the claim that this lapbook over heats?

  14. avatarFarqaleet Abbbasi:

    can gta 5 be played

  15. avatarJRoss614:

    how is it on Photoshop

  16. avatartrebron9512:

    Nice work, you are helping me a lot in my decision :) do you think it'll be worth it to wait, if I don't need the laptop right now? Best regards from Germany

  17. avatarJoão Sousa:

    Hi man! nice review.
    would you get this instead of an HP 14-an013nr?

  18. avatarBianca Diniz:

    Witch one should i get: chuwi Lapbook or EzBook 3?

  19. avatarGamingKin:

    Do you feel like this computer would be okay with rendering 1080p video, I am willing to wait, I just need a cheap light weight laptop for travel/ video.

  20. avatarTiago Barros:

    Hi! Nice review! Is there a big difference in performance between this version and the one with the Z8350 processor? They're with 30 euros difference at gearbest, does this one worth the difference?

  21. avatarJacob Seamans:

    Thanks, I ended up buying this laptop and it's great !  :)

  22. avatarAlyson Brito:

    Could you try to install linux on it?

  23. avatarDion Henry:

    Hi, I'm starting uni in a couple of weeks and I'm indecisive, I would either purchase this laptop or the jumper ezbook 2, which one do you think would be better, I am just wanting it for things like taking notes, browsing the web and that? great informative videos by the way, Thank you.

  24. avatarSteve Weehansuh:

    How do you expand the eMMC storage in Chuwi lapbook?

  25. avatarJohn Ninos:

    And one more tip. Open the products you review up. As u can see it helps. :)

  26. avatarJohn Ninos:

    Erm there is a mistake here that should be mentioned. Although the description doesn't refer to any m.2 expansions, there is 1 actually if u open it up. U can pretty much install an 2242 form m.2 ssd in there . Here is my reference: . I don't like to do that though. But its bad to be misguided.

  27. avatarjen pierre:

    ok review but some feedbacks :
    - drop the phone you're handling it's disturbing.
    - put the machine on a clean desk not in your garden
    - music slightly annoying
    maybe a more relaxing one

  28. avatarSteve Weehansuh:

    Hi, what's the best affordable laptop you will recommend to me right now and why? Thanks.

  29. avatarJoseph Supnet:

    Is this meant to be a Lenovo Thinkpad Clone?

  30. avatarConnor Lloyd:

    fav cheap laptop

  31. avatarConnor Lloyd:

    60TH commenter if YouTubes correct

  32. avatarSoe M Paing:

    Other reviewer said it has m2 sata slot for additional SSD and can boot from SSD.

  33. avatarHamza Arya:

    very amazing review

  34. avatarMax Kobe:

    How long did it take to ship this?

  35. avatarJacob Seamans:

    what's this like with things like Photoshop ?

  36. avatarDiogo Saraiva:

    do you will try to install linux on ssd? I would love if this one runs linux, especially ubuntu

  37. avatarJoseph B.:

    4:09 you say dota 2 but you're playing league of legends, but still nice review

  38. avatarGiuseppe Vidali:

    hello congratulations for the review! you think to, what is best lapbook commercially? thank you

  39. avatarIgor Levochkin:

    its not 4k screen its hd

  40. avatarLars N:

    would you recommend this one or the jumper ezbook 2?

  41. avatarDylan Mayhew:

    Looks like a nice Laptop, I'm loving my Chuwi Hi12 so far now that I finally got it.
    I also got the keyboard attachment for it…. but the bloody track pad is always trying to take my movements as gestures and no way to change that because of the driver sadly…
    I learnt to keep my finger on the far right bottom corner to avoid my hand tapping anywhere else…

    This does look like it would be a good laptop for my girl friend, still debating if she'd make proper use of having a laptop or if it would go to waste.

    I wonder what Chuwi's new tablets will be like if they will make more with these new CPU's.

  42. avatarOddi:

    Nice laptop, sadly the emmc is a big turnoff for me, 64gb is just not enough for my usage.

  43. avatargurmail singh:

    hi Zi Review Tech+, Nice Review./Good Work !

  44. avatarFocus Jiao:

    Probably by playing all 3D games under 720p will get better solution for that CPU

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